OH Man… Oman!

Jun 19th

Today was our first day in Oman… It started out around 5:30!  THANKS JETLAG!  The first thing Trent, Deanne, Jill and I did was take a little walk on the beach!  It was beautiful… but when it is 95 degrees at 7 am, you know it is gonna be hot!

Trent, our curious fella, found a mysterious box…

Turns out it was just rotten fruit…

After the beach walk, and being drinched with sweat (not the only time that would happen…), the four drivers (myself, Deanne, Trent, and Rebekah), all had a quick orientation about driving in Oman.  After that I was ready for the road!

Today was filled with orientation… basically getting some information on the culture, and learning a few words in Arabic.  When we leave the city, we will have limited internet due to the fact that we will be in the middle of the desert!

After orientation, we had a few minutes of down time… and what did we do… what else… Wii Sports!

After some Wii we drove to one of several of the Sultan’s palaces…

This was just one little part of the front… and apparently he never even stays in this one… I guess if your the Sultan you can do what you want…

After we took this awesome PIC…

…We went to a market and the girls bought some scarfs to cover up their heads and then we had some Chicken Schwarma at a local place and then headed back home… It was a LONG day with the heat and Jet lag… but it was worth it… gonna be a great six weeks!

think about and Talk to the Father for Ellen and I, as we found out that Skype is blocked hear in Oman because Oman Mobile wants to be the only phone provider… and they can because they are owned by the government!  AWESOME!

So it should be an exciting summer!

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