Heading camping

Jun 25th


The past few days have been great!  We have had several great visits with families.  The girls have also gotten to talk to several bedou women… which is a lot harder to do because of the culture…

In this family, there were 6 boys and 3 girls.  It is not culturally appropriate for the females to be in the picture.  The two oldest boys are just a couple years younger than me and I was able to talk to them in english so that was great!  Education is highly valued hear and free so they are both hard at work in colle”g”e  (when you say the g say it like it would be said in “go”… thats how all of their g’s sound… pretty funny)!


Yesterday we drove about 10 miles out to the middle of the desert… litterally… nothing could be seen anywhere around.  The purpose of this you may ask…

“We ride camels, we ride camels… they don’t stop…”

Yes the camels were awesome!  It was about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and windy… so it felt like a convection oven!  The family that owned these two camels also had racing camels that are valued over $400k US… it was crazy… basically they are like prized racing horses… It was so great to hear the men talk about their passion for camels.  Raising camels has been apart of these bedou’s culture for centuries and they still uphold these traditions today!  *Emerging Theme*  shout out to Dr. Ryan!

Some of us can really play the part…


We are heading camping tomorrow morning and all the girls will be sporting this fashion the whole week next week.  We are camping in an area that is said to have some of the most conservative bedouin people in Oman…


So yes… we are heading southwest to camp for a few days… we will be without internet until next Wednesday so I will post as soon as I can…  One thing we will not be without….


When talking with the Father… please ask him for this trip to be fruitful for our research and for his purposes!  We ask for unity in the group… living together in a house is one thing… camping is a little bit different!!  Also, on Ellen’s behalf ask for comfort and the nausea to go away, as she is still feeling nauseous from pregnancy.  I can not wait until I get home and see her and our little brewer again!  I know the next 4.5 weeks will be long but the research we are doing will be used for HIS purposes and it will be worth it in the end!

OK KIDS… well time to go camping!

I will post again in about a week!  see ya then!


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