Camping… Beach… Barbershop!

Jun 30th


We have finally made it back to something besides sun, sand and more sand!

Camping Omani Style!

So… Camping… Yeah, its a little bit different over hear than ANYWHERE else!  We started out on Saturday morning and headed down to Mahout, a small fishing village southeast of Lizq, where we are staying!  It took about 2.5 hours to arrive, and when we did, it was a breazy 115 degrees… so we were all REALLY excited!

Once we got there, we quickly realized an unfortunate fact… THE PLACE WAS A GHOST TOWN…  apparently everyone leaves the fishing village during the hot, windy summer months and goes to Sinaw for the summer, where it is less windy and they can sell their dates…  But never fear, Adil’s father aka Superman… showed up (one of many times he just randomly happened to be near us, even though we were about 3 hours away from where he lives…)

He has some people that he knows in Mahout and really got us the hook up with some great interviews!  One that we went to had some really cute kids…

And of course what else…

The highlight of my week came while visiting another family that actually fed us lunch.  We had a good two hours of interviews and then the father asked us if we wanted to stay for lunch.  We tried to decline since there were 14 of us, but he threatened to divorce his wife if we didn’t (weird… kinda funny) so we politely accepted!  While we were waiting for lunch to arrive we stopped interviewing and for just a little while we became sort of invisible.  All of the Omani men were just talking, relaxing and living life as if we were not there.  It was great to experience this culture on that level.  We were not a part of the conversation and not much was translated for us but I felt as if I was able to experience their culture on a level that most others will never get to experience.  It was a great experience, however, after a couple of hours in the shade, out of the sun, with a nice breeze, I almost started to doze off… so to stop myself I started making my own monologue up in my mind as to what they were saying…  THEN, They started singing and drumming for us…

As it was going on, we found out that it was a “Ghost dance” that they were doing so we were a lil freaked out by that but we just let them do their thing…

After “lunch” (we actually left around 4:30… lunch is a process and something not to be rushed) we were ushered out by more music by the men and we headed to the beach.

The Beach was really nice, however the guys felt bad because of all the fishermen staring at the girls… But it was a really nice way to end the trip before we headed back!  The beach is so natural and untouched big buildings and tourism…

After a short stay at the beach, we made the long drive back to Lizq (about 4 hours)!  And then slept in until about 10 the next am!  It was a great trip and we received great info!  BUT we were ALL ready to be back and be able to get showers!  It is amazing ho much one can miss a shower, mat on the floor and a camp chair (all of the awesome amenities of our (westernern style) house!

Yesterday we had another day of research and we can deffinetley see we are beginning to go deeper in our research!  Last night, Trent, Gregg, Adil and myself all went to the Barbershop and got shaves and a little shapeup on the hair.

We all got the Omani style beard… pretty nice… and by far the closest shave I have ever had!

So today is our rest day in Muscat and all of us are like kids in a candy store …So excited to have interneT… Tonight we will head back to Lizq for another week and a half of research and experiencing culture!

On This weeks menu:

4 Interviews

1 Meeting with Adil’s Grandfather

1 Omani Wedding

1 Fourth of July Party

1 Omani Bar-B-Que

Countless amounts of Hilarity with the Co-Hort!

Still missing Ellen, can’t wait to see her and her lil baby bump!

IN OTHER NEWS… our modem was fixed… well actually we just got correct instructions on how to use it now…Funny how helpful that can bE…

Hopefully this means more frequent posts!

Until then,


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