The Little Early Bird :)

Nov 13th

Of course there is a LOOOOONG story that goes along with this whole tale that I’ll have to tell a little later, but our little boy is HERE!  I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday night with some severe pain and after a bunch of testing, etc. the best thing for me and Judah was for him to just be born!  He arrived yesterday, November 12, 2010 at 11:01 a.m. and it was so surreal.  Although it was hard to be in an unexpected time frame, it helped so much having so many special people from work at Alta Bates advocating for me (and pampering me beyond belief!  YIKES!) that Colby and I were in complete peace rolling into that OR yesterday morning… knowing that this was the day that God had ordained for our little boy to come into this world!

At 33.1 weeks, he is doing great and I could hear him LOUD and clear from the time he popped out :).  He is now resting nicely in the NICU on something called CPAP that is supporting the breathing he is doing on his own and he is on barely any oxygen!!!!  As far as his heart goes… it looks great!  There is a small hole that will most likely close on its own (a small VSD for the medical crowd) MUCH less worse than anything that had been presented to us before birth.  His hands/arms look good, although they both have a couple issues.  They are both a bit short and each hand only has 4 fingers (one is missing a thumb and the other is missing the index finger…I think) but they all have great motion and look like their position will be able to be corrected with splints.  The Neonatalogist said she believes it is a certain type of genetic condition (whose name now escapes me since I was told while on super pain meds and continue to remain on them) that has only hands and the type of mild heart issues that Judah has – it is not associated with any type of developmental delay or other intellectual issues.  We could not be MORE thankful to all the prayer warriors who have battled on his behalf and ask that you continue as I still have a long recovery and so does he!  We hope to have him home in about 3 weeks or so, but we’ll just have to see :)  At some point, I promise to update with the whole story, but I am just too darn tired…. I’ll leave you with an adorable pic (the Judah part of the pic, anyhow) to stare at like I’m doing.

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