Judah Pics

Nov 14th

Many of you may have seen some of these on Facebook, but for those of you who haven’t yet, here are some pics of our baby boy! ┬áMore to come!

“She’s so beautiful and I tell her everyday!”
Can anyone say national geographic pic… maybe just graphic

Welcome to the world, buddy!
My first responsibility as a father… cutting the cord
Not sure if he likes it quite as much out here as he did in there!
Me keeping Judah warm!
Judah meeting mommy!
Judah resting on Mommy!
First family photo!
so proud of mommy and Judah!
Turtle nose just like mom and dad
Judah boy is blowing bubbles. If you notice, he has bubbles on top of his main bubble, pretty skilled!
Ellen holding Judah for the first time, after a long day of recovery
In the NICU they like the dads to do skin to skin also to help regulate their body temp.

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