Going on a Walk

Jul 25th

Judah has been so fussy the past few days. Naps are shorter. Attention/Entertainment spans are almost nonexistent!  And the reason why?  You guessed it… he is cutting another tooth!  This time, it is his top left “vampire tooth!” He has been chewing his gums on that side of his mouth so he looks like he has some cud in his mouth that he is snacking on.

Yesterday and today, the best solution for his crankyness has been a dose of tylenol and then a nice walk to starbucks and back!

Getting comfy with his new "warm and fuzzy" Bob seat pad!

Then, on the way back… He really got comfortable!

Finally asleep!

So for now, that seems to be the solution!  But I do have to say even when he is cranky, he is pretty darn cute!


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