New blog, new season…new city!!! (Part 3)

May 3rd

Yay!  The conclusion to the awesome-ness that = the Brewer Fam moving to Austin.

So, Paul and Robin left us with the, “Let us know if you ever interested in a job!” line and we headed back to our hotel room…and then sent an e-mail to Paul that basically said, “Uhhhhh, we are interested!!!”  This began a year long process of prayer, refining, molding, surrender.  They were really interested in bringing on a project manager to help streamline all of the different and varied projects that Hope for Orphans (HFO) has going all the time.  What an unbelievable dream job…perfectly integrating Colby’s intercultural degree (MAIS), ministry degree (an almost Mdiv) and our long time calling to Orphan Care!  But the timing didn’t feel 100% right.  Our church, where Colby was the Children’s Ministry Director, was going through a rough patch and needed some extra help, Colby still had a FULL schedule of (at least) 1 year left of school…and we were super intimidated by the fact that we would be raising support for a salary for this job.

All kinds of questions came up: were we really called to orphan care in a non-profit setting?, were we called to church ministry?  with the tough times at our current church, were we called to ministry long term there?  can we be successful at raising support?  Over the next 7 months, we carefully and painstakingly went through each and every one of these questions, pleading with God to make clear the path…it seemed pretty cloudy for a while.  About seven months into this process of seeking, we got a clear and distinct, “No.” from the Lord about pursuing church ministry, and, to be honest, we were pretty bewildered (had we not learned from last time?!!!)  Back to the drawing board…  I mean, we got a clear “No.” about one thing, but not a “Yes.” about the other.  So we waited, not very patiently or spiritually, I might add …we were freaking juuuust a little bit.  I know, I know, you can see a pattern forming; will we ever learn that He is faithful and true?!  Thankfully, He didn’t have us waiting long.

It was New Year’s Day and we were cooking our black eyed peas and collards (keeping it classy Southern, of course) when Colby’s phone rang…yup, you guessed it- Paul was calling.  A whopping THREE DAYS after getting the clear, “No.” on church ministry, Paul from HFO was calling after we had not communicated with each other for over FIVE months!!  He was just calling to see how we were, if Colby was getting close to finishing school…and were we still interested in possibly working with Hope for Orphans?  Things were getting busy and they could really use the help of a project manager.  Say whaaaa?!  Our answer, “Yes, Lord, we are ready to follow you…whatever the cost!”

After discussing a few more details, Paul, Robin and the HFO crew invited us to Austin for an interview/preview of the ministry weekend.  February rolled around and we packed up the kids and headed to Austin!  Everything about it was wonderful…this group has been given the beautiful gift of hospitality and, not only welcomed us into their own home, but welcomed us with open arms into their family.  We talked ministry/job stuff and all that, but even better was just hanging out with members of the Body who love and care about the same things we do.  Paul and Robin got to meet our kiddos for the first time and they were equally amazed as we were seeing how similar Judah and Noah looked and did things.  We ate some delicious food, laughed, talked, and did some good ole porch sittin’ while our kids were napping.  This was right, soooo right: it felt like home.  At the end of the weekend, they officially offered Colby a job, we officially accepted.  *YAY!*

If you think that is the end of the story….WRONG!  One morning about a week before we left for Austin, the bright idea randomly (ok, ok…it probably wasn’t random) popped into my head that maybe I should think about updating my resume and trying to drop it off at a couple hospitals while we were there…duh!  Got the resume ready to go, did some Googling and picked the top 5 hospitals I liked and called ’em up to tell them I’d be in town 3 days later and would like to drop off a resume.  Only one manager picked up the phone that morning…and, of course, it was #1 on my list.  I asked her if I could come by with a resume, she asked me if come by for an interview!  Well, that was stupidly easy.  Met with her the first morning we got to Austin where she offered me a job!  The position is for two 12 hour weekend shifts where I would be benefitted as a full time employee even though I’d be working part time hours (since it was weekends only)…awesome!  I asked if I could pick Friday and Sunday night (so I’d still have a little weekend and never have to miss church!), she said sure!  Woo hooooooo!!  Oh, and as I was walking out the door, she almost forgot to mention that this position was eligible for a sign on bonus AND moving stipend!!!!!!!  Absolutely, positively blown away. Again. And again.  And again.  Thank you, LORD!  Our prayer is for the Lord to use this part time job to help support us financially until we are fully funded through support raising.  Our goal is for me to be able to work on an even more part time basis once we are fully funded…I would love to have the chance to stay home with the kids more!

Got home, started to get all of our official paper work in place and here is where YOU get the chance to be a part of this amazing story.  Hope for Orphans is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ and, along with all of their other missionaries, we will be raising support for a salary.  We would love the chance to talk with you to answer questions or if you are interested in how you can support our family’s ministry journey financially or through prayer.  You can hit us up via Facebook, email, phone or even through this blog for more info!  Any gifts given to HFO are tax deductible donations.  And the super exciting thing about this month is that ANY funds you donate in the month of May will be DOUBLED by an anonymous donor- woohoo!  Is it intimidating embarking on a journey of faith such as fundraising a salary?  Of course it is!  But I am encouraged to look in the Word and see the ministries of those in the first century church who were dependent on the Lord, Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church, to supply all their physical needs…He was, and is, always faithful.

We are so excited to share this incredible journey of joy, faith, struggle, work…life- with all of you!  If you, your family or your church is interested in some really great resources on adoption, foster care or just orphan care in general, we would also love to help you out with that too!  Another exciting way we can journey together!!!  Ok, now we are off to live out Part 4! :)

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