Adoption Christmas Shoppe for Titus!

Dec 1st
Korea necklace

Still gonna get around to filling you in on all the details of our trip to SF and Colby’s ordination service, but y’all are all so awesome and have poured out so much love and support for our family, we have an exciting shopping experience in preparation to celebrate the Christmas Season!  Introducing…..Titus’ Christmas Shoppe:

This is the beginning of a little online “market” where all of the fundraising products/events will be easily available all in one place for YOU to shop!!!  Our goal is to select affordable items that you already purchase or would purchase as a gift for someone this Christmas.  Your first two opportunities are time limited so that any Christmas gifts you order will arrive to you in time for December 25th!

PLEASE feel free to repost to your wall, e-mail to all your friends, shout it from the rooftops?…pretty please help us get the word out!

Noonday Collection Trunk Show: NOW through December 6th!!!

If you are looking for the perfect accessory, bag, jewelry or gift…look no further!  These gifts not only help our adoption fund, but they provide jobs to beautiful women all over the world who hand craft all items!!  Thanks so much to my sweet sister in Christ, Shelley Tanner, for hosting this trunk show!  To order:

  • Go to to shop and fill up your cart
  • At the check out, select Kelli Magee from the Ambassador drop down menu
  • Type Shelley Tanner into the yellow Trunk Show Name box at the top.
  • Voila!  Your beautiful gifts will be arriving soon!

Bring Titus Home! 31 Party: NOW through December 9th!!!

Girls, you all know you looooove all the cutesy stuff 31 has to offer!  And if you were already planning to buy 31 gifts for folks (…or yourself!), here is your chance to help our family too!  Men, if you don’t know what 31 is…click the link, you are sure to find a great gift for your lady :)  If you plan to order, please e-mail/message me so I can send you the December specials- there’s a FREE $5 gift!  Thanks so much to my High School mentor, Donna Smitherman, for hosting!  To order:

  • Go to
  • Click on Place An Order
  • You will see the party, “Bring Titus Home!”, click on Shop Now
  • DONE!  Start checking the mail for your bags!!!

Just Love Coffee Shop: Will stay open for business until after our little man is home!!!!

To all of you coffee loving people out there, this is for you!  This incredible coffee roaster has a huge variety of coffee, equipment, apparel and everything coffee you could possibly think of.  The best part?  It is fair-trade coffee that benefits ongoing projects in Ethiopia and every single item you purchase from our “shop” will support our adoption fundraising efforts.  They have some really fun Christmas gifts and even Hot Chocolate (for the non-coffee people, like me!).  We can keep this shop up to a year after Titus is home!  What an incredible gift to adoptive families!  To order:

  • Go to 
  • Click the green Shop & Support button
  • All the items purchased from this “shop” will benefit our family!
  • So easy!  I can already hear Colby’s coffee grinder!

Korea Glass Dome Necklace: Let me know by MONDAY, Dec 2nd if you’d like me to order one for you!

  • I’m hoping to place an order for a necklace similar to the one pictured below (except with a map of North and South Korea) and sell them to you for $16!
  • Super cute accessory with a great story behind it!  Every time you look at it, it will remind you to pray- not only for our Sweet Titus as he is away from us- but also, to pray freedom for the countless orphans who are suffering terribly just over the border in North Korea.
  • You can contact me via Facebook, email, text/phone, or comment here on the blog!
  • Korea necklace

I know this is A LOT to take in, but please consider supporting our family as you Christmas shop this year!  Love y’all so dearly…for real, I’m totally blown away by all the love and support that is surrounding us right now,


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