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We were adopted.  Many of you who know us personally may be surprised to see this statement, but it is absolutely true.  Colby and I were both adopted.  We were out in the cold.  We were lost and helpless infants without the hope of eternity when Christ saw fit to come and die that we may be welcomed into His Kingdom as sons and daughters of God.  We are now a family on a mission to show the world the love of Christ that we have received, by living out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations and to care for the orphan and widow in their distress…

Colby: Christ-follwer, Husband, Dad, minister, project manager, researcher.  Colby is working to be a catalyst to the Church here and around the world to fulfill the Christian calling to “care for the orphan” (James 1:27) in practical and creative ways.

Ellen: Christ-follower, Wife, Mom, nurse.  Ellen focuses most of her time being a Momma to the sweetest kids in the world and working a couple nights a week as a NICU RN at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin.  She works hard to make a home that is an open place to welcome in those that are in need of rest, prayer, a home-cooked meal or just a listening ear and a hug.

Judah: First-born, Son, Brother.  Judah is the first Brewer baby.  He was born with a genetic syndrome called Holt-Oram syndrome that affects his arms/hands and his heart.  This little man has and is overcoming a lot of obstacles and has been uniquely created to bring glory to the One who created him.  He is a hard worker and super smart dude who loves to sing and dance and read books…all of which make this Momma and Daddy pray will develop into a future disciple maker with so much to teach the world!

Eden: Second-born, Daughter, Sister.  Eden was our joyful surprise arriving 11.5 months after big bro (!).  She came into the world as a ray of sunshine and has a determined spirit.  This little lady always has a story to tell and her lovingkindness to all babies, animals and her unmistakable love for the Bible and all things pink and sparkly are setting this girl on a path to touch so many lives with her sweetness.


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